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Advantages of a Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing is a useful tool used by two or more parties to communicate with each other over video and audio with an Internet connection. It allows the participants to start and conduct live teleconferences and remote meetings with the help of audio, video, and data transmitted through the Internet. The most common use of this technology is for business and educational purposes. Companies are using video conferencing to improve the efficiency and quality of meetings between different branches of their companies. They can conduct office meetings in any part of the world within a few hours' time, without inviting their colleagues or clients.

Broadband Internet connection is required to make use of video conferencing system. The video conference is done over a high-speed Internet link, which makes the audio and video quality very clear. However, dial up and slow Internet connections are also effective. Before using any video conferencing system, it is important to check whether the Internet service providers in your area provide reliable high-quality video signals.

The audio and video conferencing system operates with the help of a separate video conference camera that transmit the video images to a receiver. The receiver then transmits the images to the participants through conventional telephone lines. The participants can view the video images on a computer monitor, TV, or high-quality video conferencing glasses. The system can be operated through voice, text, or graphical interface. A text chat option allows the users to share text with other users. This makes the video conferencing system much more useful for business organizations and educational institutions, where a large number of users may be present.

Video conferencing meetings can be conducted for a specific duration or time intervals. The meetings can be used as a time and cost effective solution to meetings that require a large number of people. Conventional telephone landlines are not suitable for video conferencing meetings, as the distance involved in long distance calls is too large. A separate office phone installation must be installed for making long distance phone calls. The use of video conferencing system enables businesses and educational institutions to hold regular meetings that require a small number of people.

The webinars are priced per minute, while some webinars are priced per individual. Most of the webinars are conducted on the basis of agreed upon topic. Each participant pays a fee for joining the webinar. Some webinars are conducted as a promotional strategy for launching a product or service, while some webinars are conducted as an independent research tool. It is possible to earn good amount of money, if the presentation is well delivered. The presentations need not contain technical jargon, as most participants have no knowledge about technical aspects.

The travel expenses associated with meeting can be avoided if proper arrangements are made before the meeting. The availability of a reliable videoconferencing service provider has reduced the need to book hotels and travel separately. The availability of cheap and affordable technologies has led to the reduction in the cost of video conferencing. There are several service providers who provide a wide variety of features at affordable prices. Videoconference technology is an emerging disruptive force that is expected to completely change the face-to-face communication, leading to significant cost and time savings for businesses and individuals. Follow this link for more details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videotelephony.

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